Arrest Warrants

Both the Sheriff’s Office and the DeKalb County Police Department execute arrest warrants.

  • Arrest warrants can be obtained at Magistrate’s Court.
  • Sheriff’s Office Warrant Unit (404-298-8200)

Civil Papers

The Sheriff’s Office serves civil papers originating in Superior Court, divorce papers, lawsuits, and special orders of the Court (FiFa, Rule NiSi, Arrest Orders, Subpoenas, other Execution Writs).

  • All civil papers from the Superior Court must first be recorded in the Superior Court Clerk’s Office before they can be served by the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Civil papers originating in State Court or Magistrate Court are served by the Marshal of the State Court of DeKalb County (404-371-2930). CLICK HERE FOR CIVIL PROCESS SERVICES AND FEES

Commitment to Mental Institutions

The Sheriff’s Office can transport persons to mental institutions if presented with one of the following two documents:

  • A court order from the Probate Court, DeKalb County – Mental Health Department (404-371-2663).
  • A Form 1013 issued by a physician requesting that a person be taken to a mental institution for evaluation.

Payment of Fines or Restitution

Fines and restitutions should be paid at the following locations:

  • State Court: DeKalb County Courthouse (404-371-2261).
  • Probate Court: DeKalb Probate Office (404-370-5113).
  • Magistrate’s Court/Civil Division: Magistrate’s Court on Memorial Drive (404-508-0368).

Raffle Licenses

Visit this page to learn how to apply for a license to conduct a raffle.

Secondary Metals Recycling

Visit this page to learn about Secondary Metals Recycling procedures and registration


Jury Duty Information

Call the Superior Court Clerk’s Office, Jury Management Supervisor (404-371-2022).

Weapons (Guns) Licenses

For information, call the Probate Court (404-371-2262).

Alcohol Permits

For permits, call the DeKalb County Police Department (404-297-3934)

Eviction Notices

The Sheriff’s Office is not responsible for evictions except when ordered by the courts.

  • Eviction notices are obtained through the Magistrate Court, Civil Division (404-371-2261)
  • Eviction notices are served by the Marshal of the State Court of DeKalb County (404-371-2930).

Business Licenses

The DeKalb County Government issues business licenses.  Call (404-371-2461) or visit the website

Animal Services and Enforcement

Call this number to request animal services or to report stray animals (404-294-2996).