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Jail Division

Jail Operations/ Public Relation Unit- The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office  has established a Jail Operations/ Public Relation Unit to provide a proactive response to  the concerns of the  public and inmates as related specifically to the DeKalb  Jail. The team will review all comments, concerns, and complaints presented to ensure resolution. PRU Team  can also assist the public in navigating through the Jail procedures by contacting a PRU Officer at 404-298-8599 or complete a comment card available in the Jail lobby.

About DKSO
  SHERIFF’S OFFICE The Sheriff’s Office in DeKalb County is responsible for discharging a wide variety of duties relating to both civil and criminal matters. The responsibilities fall into these major categories:
  • Security of the courts;
  • Service of writs, processes, or other orders of the courts;
  • Transport of all prisoners to and from court and delivery to prison after sentencing;
  • Execution of warrants for arrest of violators of the criminal law; and
  • Administration of the DeKalb County Jail.

About the Jail
  The DeKalb County Jail receives all persons who are arrested in DeKalb County on state, county or local charges by any law enforcement agency. Prisoners remain in jail unless released on bond, set free by the courts or sentenced. If found guilty of a felony, they will usually be transferred to a state institution to serve their sentences.

  The following courts are located at the DeKalb County Courthouse in Decatur:
  • Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction over felonies, cases of equity, divorce, and title to land (404-371-2836)
  • State Court handles civil law actions not otherwise within the jurisdiction of Superior Court, dispossessions, misdemeanors, and certain traffic offenses (404-371-2261)
  • Magistrate Court (Civil Division) hears cases involving civil claims of $15,000 or less (404-371-2261)
  • Probate Court has exclusive jurisdiction in probate of wills, administration of estates, appointment of guardians, involuntary hospitalizations, issuance of pistol licenses and marriage licenses (404-371-2601). The following courts are located at the Public Safety Complex, 4400 Memorial Drive & Camp Circle (near Memorial Drive and I-285):
  • Magistrate Court (Criminal Division) issues arrest warrants, hears preliminary criminal cases and bond hearings. This court is located at 3630 Camp Circle, Decatur. There is a $10 charge for all warrants (404-294-2150).
  • Recorders Court, located at the Public Safety Building, 3630 Camp Circle (near Memorial Drive and I-285), deals with traffic citations (404-508-0368).
  • Juvenile Court is located at 3631 Camp Circle, across from the Public Safety Building near Memorial Drive and I-285 (404-294-2700)

Jury Duty
  Direct inquiries concerning jury duty to the Superior Court Clerk’s Office, Jury Management Supervisor (404-371-2022).

Pistol Licenses
  The Sheriff’s Office does not issue pistol licenses. Pistol licenses are issued by the Probate Court, located on the ground floor of the courthouse (404-371-2262).

About Arrest Warrants
  Both the Sheriff’s Office and the DeKalb County Police Department execute arrest warrants. It generally takes at least two days from the date of issuance for warrants to be processed and placed in active status for service. The District Attorney or Solicitor notifies the prosecutor and defendant by mail or subpoena of the court date. Inquiries concerning the status of warrants may be made three days after the date of issuance by calling the Sheriff’s Office Warrant Unit at 404-298-8200.

Serving Civil Papers
  Civil papers originating in Superior Court, divorce papers, lawsuits, special orders of the Court (FiFa, Rule NiSi, Arrest Orders, Subpoenas, and all other Execution Writs) are served by the Sheriff’s Office. All civil papers from the Superior Court must first be recorded in the Superior Court Clerk’s Office before they can be served by the Sheriff’s Office. Civil papers originating in State Court or Magistrate Court are served by the Marshal of the State Court of DeKalb County (404-371-2930).

Eviction Notices
  The Marshal of the State Court of DeKalb County serves eviction notices (404-371-2930). Eviction notices are obtained through the Magistrate Court, Civil Division (404-371-2261).

Lunacy Commitment
  The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the transport of persons to mental institutions, but before this can be done, one of the following documents must be secured:
  • A court order from the Probate Court, DeKalb County. Information may be obtained from the Probate Court Mental Health Department at 404-371-2663.
  • A form 1013 issued by a physician requesting that a person be taken to a mental institution for evaluation.

Fines or Restitutions
  State Court: Unless otherwise directed, fines imposed by the State Court are payable in the Clerk’s Office, Room 607, DeKalb County Courthouse, Decatur, GA 30030 (404-371-2261). Probation: Payable at the Probation Office, 547 Church Street, Decatur, GA 30030 (404-370-5113). Recorder’s Court: All fines imposed by the Recorder’s Court are payable in the Clerk’s Office, Recorder’s Court, Public Safety Building on Camp Circle, off Memorial Drive at I-285 (404-508-0368).

Fees for Services
Serving copy of process and return of original -- $50; Summoning each witness -- $10; Each levy or fieri facias -- $50;  Search and return of nulla bona (cannot be found) -- $20; Levying an attachment -- $25; Taking bonds in criminal cases -- $13; Commissions on sales of property: on $50 or less -- 8% on excess of $50 up to $550 -- 6% on excess of $550 -- 3% commission charged only if property sold; Approving and completing a property affidavit— all agencies except City of Atlanta -- $10 city of Atlanta -- $7.50; Notarizing a document -- $2

Bonding Process
  BONDING PROCESS (Effective September 29, 2012 the Jail Bonding hours will be from 7:00am to 11:59pm)  A bail bond is a promise to appear to answer criminal charges. A BOND is forfeited if the defendant does not appear at all appointed court hearings. Defendants may post the full amount of the bond themselves, obtain aid from family and friends, or purchase the services of a bail bond agent. Bail bond agents post the full amount of the bond in exchange for a nonrefundable fee. Professional bonding companies areautorized to do business in DeKalb County are posted at the DeKalb County Jail and are listed in the telephone book yellow pages. The Sheriff’s Office makes no recommendations concerning the use of professional bonding companies. BOND FEES AUTHORIZED Professional bonding companies are authorized by law to charge 12% of bonds set in the amount of $10,000 or less, and 15% of bonds set over the amount of $10,000. This is compensation as surety on criminal bonds. The fee is not returnable unless the bondsman surrenders the defendant off bond prior to court date. The Sheriff’s Office is required by state law to charge a $13 non-refundable fee on all bonds. CASH BONDS A cash bond is the total face value of the bond, plus required penalties in cash. The Sheriff’s Office will accept only the following as cash bond: cashier’s checks, traveler’s checks, United States currency. The Sheriff’s Office does NOT accept personal checks for a cash bond. PROPERTY BONDS (for persons held in the DeKalb County Jail) Property bonds are executed and approved at the county jail, subject to the following conditions:
  • property must be located in DeKalb County (if the property is not located in DeKalb County, an approved property bond must be obtained through the Sheriff’s Office of the county where the property is located); and
  • equity in the property must equal the amount of the bond plus the current homestead exemption; and
  • ownership must be substantiated by providing one of the following documents:
    • a current real estate tax receipt; OR
    • a Warranty Deed.
PROPERTY BONDS (for persons held in another county jail) The conditions are the same as for persons held in the DeKalb County Jail, with the following additional requirements:
  • a property affidavit completed by an officer at the DeKalb County Jail; and
  • the bond is sealed in an envelope and hand delivered to the receiving county unopened.
Return of Bond After Settlement of Case Cash Bond: The District Attorney or Solicitor must issue a Bond Release form. The individual who posted the bond must bring the Cash Bond Receipt to the Sheriff’s Office. The signature on the Cash Bond Receipt must match the signature in the Cash Bond Receipt Book in the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office will issue a check in the amount of the bond, payable to the person who posted the cash bond. Property Bond: Nothing is returned because the bond is no longer valid after the case is settled. Professional Bonding Company: Nothing is returned because the bond was made on a fee basis. If a professional bonding company surrenders a defendant “off-bond” of its own choice prior to an actual bond forfeiture, the bonding company must return the fee(s) for making said bond(s) to the principal in the bond. PROPERTY BONDS (for persons held in another county jail) The conditions are the same as for persons held in the DeKalb County Jail, with the following additional requirements:
  • a property affidavit completed by an officer at the DeKalb County Jail; and
  • the bond is sealed in an envelope and hand delivered to the receiving county unopened.

Jail Visitation



Inmates in the DeKalb County Jail are provided the opportunity to visit with friends and family up to thirty (30) minutes per week at our onsite visitation area by appointment (404-298-8219), occur one time a week, with a maximum visitation time of 30 minutes per visit.  Inmates housed in maximum security and mental health shall also be allowed visitation once a week with a maximum visitation time of up to 30 minutes per visit.  All visitation information listed below is subject to exceptions as determined by on-duty command staff.


The visitation schedule will commence as follows:


Inmates with last names beginning with A-B-C-D-E will visit on Saturday only

Inmates with last names beginning with F-G-H-I-J will visit on Sunday only

Inmates with last names beginning with K-L-M-N will visit on Monday only

Inmates with last names beginning with O-P-Q-R will visit on Tuesday only

Inmates with last names beginning with S-T-U-V will visit on Wednesday only

Inmates with last names beginning with W-X-Y-Z will visit on Thursday only


Visitation for special needs inmates (3A, 3NW) is conducted on Friday only.


Inmates housed in 8NE400 disciplinary segregation housing are not allowed visitation.


Identification is required for all inmate visitations.  This may consist of an official driver’s license, state issued identification card, or military identification.  Attorneys may visit at anytime with proper identification and valid bar card.  Clergy may also visit any day of the week for thirty minutes if on the inmate’s approved visitation list.


The Sheriff’s Office also offers remote inmate visits from home at a cost thru or 1-877-578-3658 . The home visit require high speed internet, PC, and webcam.


Visitation hours are:

8:00 A.M. - 11:45 A.M.

 4:00 P.M. - 9:50 P.M.


* Due to security purposes, NO cell phones or electronic devices will be allowed into the facility.  The Sheriff’s Office does not provide storage for these unapproved devices.

Visitor Parking
  Parking for inmate visitation is strictly limited to parking lots designated for “Court and Visitor Parking” only. Handicapped parking access is available in designated marked areas adjacent to the facility.

Inmate Property and/or Money Transactions
  Persons seeking to pick up property belonging to an inmate or to deposit or receive money from an inmate account may do so only during approved hours of visitation for the inmate in question. Proof of identification is required. Effective Nov. 15, 2005, no inmate is allowed to carry an account balance over $75.00. Inmates with balances over $75.00 are encouraged to have someone designated to whom the funds can be released. Should any inmate fail to have means to release the funds, funds over &75.00 will be removed from the account and placed in the inmate's personal property. Unless extenuating circumstances arise, as determined by jail staff, inmates will not have access to funds in personal property until they are released from custody. Funds sent to inmates by personal visits or mail will be turned down or returned to the sender if the inmate balance at the time is $75.00. Newly arriving inmates will have five days after incarceration to bring their balance to $75.00.

Medical/Dental care for Jail Inmates
  The DeKalb Jail provides medical, basic dental, and mental health care to inmates as needed. The medical staff is available around the clock to provide on the spot care, to assess incoming arrestees, and to pass out inmate medication. Jail facilities include a medical and mental health infirmary, medical clinic with X-ray capabilities, and a dental clinic with two dental operatories. The DeKalb County Health Department provides support services for our TB control program. Seriously ill inmates or those needing surgery or hospitalization are transported to Grady Memorial Hospital.

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